Get involved in our first industry wide survey

Guitar Teacher Industry Survey 2015

Find out how your business compares to other guitar teachers around the world. We've created an industry-wide survey to find out what makes a successful guitar teacher in 2015.

This survey looks at:

  • What marketing methods do successful guitar teachers use
  • What type of resources and strategies are most effective
  • How do successful guitar teachers attract new students
  • Whether social media, email marketing or other new strategies work or not

Every survey participant will receive a detailed report analyzing the survey responses. This will be a great way for you to plan ahead in 2015 and figure out what areas you should focus on and what areas you can safely leave behind.

Missed out on the survey? We've been sharing best practices with members and creating resources on the key points found from the survey. Become a member to gain access to the survey as well as all the resources we've created to help teachers out.