New business guide: Income Trackers

A new guide has been added to the Business Guides Section to help you keep track of your income. As a guitar teacher it's important you keep records of money you receive from students. If you have a student who keeps forgetting to pay you, an income tracker is essential to make sure you don't lose track of how much money they owe you! It can also help you discover which students are prompt with payment and earn you the most money.

The income trackers are simple to fill out and you don't need to know anything about accounting to use them. You simple write the date, student name, and amount paid. You can put comments in if you wish but it's as simple as that. If you're just starting out as a guitar teacher download the tracker and use it from the start and you'll avoid a lot of issues many tutors fall for.

Access the guide here: BAC-02 Income Trackers

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