New Business Guides: Advertising Using Facebook

Most of our business guides so far have focused on free strategies to attract new students. There are times when these won't be enough and paid advertising will bring you the results you're after. If you want to quickly build up your student base or spread the word, paid advertising can be significantly more effective than free methods.

Facebook Ads are an easy way to target specific people unlike any other advertising. You can target people based on location, age, gender and interests - something that isn't possible with almost all other advertising options. To use Facebook Ads effectively, you need to understand what makes a successful advertising campaign and how to set it up properly.

We've created two detailed guides to help you set up a Facebook Ads campaign and how to track it once it's set up. By the end of the guides you will be able to create an effective ad campaign and understand what needs to be done to improve it's effectiveness. We've focused the guides on advice to make sure you don't waste money. We've tested the ads out with teachers and know what works. Read through the guides to use the ads properly.

BMK-14 Using Facebook Ads: Setting Up A Campaign

BMK-15 Using Facebook Ads: Keeping Track of a Campaign

Of course if you need further support, we're happy to provide you specific advice and guidance for your personal situation.