New Reports for Members

Members now have three different reports you can request to help you improve your guitar teaching business' online presence. You can request up to one report per month which is a great way to keep track of any changes you make to your website or to keep track of your online position over time.

The three reports available are:

SEO Report

This report analyzes how easily potential students can find you online. We will take a look at what keywords and phrases your website is currently ranking well for, what keywords you should be ranking for, and provide recommendations on how to improve your website's ranking. This is a thorough report that explains in plain English what you need to do to attract more visitors to your website and how to outrank your competitors.

Find out more about our SEO Report for Guitar Teachers here

Website Analysis Report

While it's easy to put a website together, building an effective website is significantly harder. Large businesses invest massive amounts of money to make sure their websites work effectively. This report will give you a thorough picture of your website's current effectiveness and how to improve it. We will look for any problems and issues to fix, look for ways to improve performance and provide plenty of recommendations to get the most out of your website.

Find out more about our Website Analysis Report for Guitar Teachers here

Social Media Report

Social media is a very effective way to reach potential students and build your reputation as a guitar teacher. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to work out how to use social media properly. We've researched hundreds of different guitar teachers and how they use social media and we know what works and what doesn't. This report will analyze the way you are currently using social media and provide you with detailed recommendations on how to achieve better results. Examples are provided so you will know exactly how to implement the recommendations.

Find out more about our Social Media Report for Guitar Teachers here

These reports provide you with specific advice on improving your online position as a guitar teacher. While our Business Guides can help you achieve better results, the advice in these reports are tailored around your situation and your goals. The reports are free as part of membership so request one and use the advice to build your long term future as a guitar teacher.