New resources: Scale exercises and conversation guides

Along with a few new guitar lesson plans, we've put a couple guides together to help you deal with a couple common issues guitar teachers face:

BQA-05 Questions on Qualifications and Experience

This is a very useful guide for any new guitar teachers as you will most likely come up against this tough question from prospective students. The guide will help you answer the student's questions in a positive way to increase the chances that they decide to give you a go. All new guitar teachers should read through this guide.

BQA-07 Negotiating Lesson Rates

While it isn't very common, some people like to haggle and try to bring your lesson rates down before starting. This can significantly impact your income if you don't prepare for it in advance. This guide will help you deal with any people trying to bring your lesson rate down.

Here's a few scale exercises to give your student's fingers a workout:

SCE-04 D Major Scale Exercises

SCE-05 A Major Scale Exercises

SCE-06 E Major Scale Exercises


For any students wanting to learn the Blues, this lesson plan will give a fresh perspective to the traditional 12 bar blues progression:

BLU-05 12 Bar Blues Shuffle Variation

The idea behind this variation to the traditional 12 bar blues shuffle is something Stevie Ray Vaughan would often do. Your student will learn how to included muted hits in to their playing to create a percussive sound.