New teaching guide: Using an iPad as a teaching tool

A new teaching guide is available to help you use an iPad as a teaching tool. The popularity of Apple's iPad and the wide range of music/guitar related apps available means you now have a very powerful teaching tool to use in guitar lessons. Many guitar teachers use the iPad to create a richer learning experience away from the traditional book. The guide will walk through various apps and how you could use them in lessons.

While the guide is specifically for the iPad, other tablet devices such as Android or Windows tablets can be used with equal success. Think of the iPad simply as one possible tool you can use in your lessons. The best results always come when you use a wide range of materials and not rely on one single type of resource (eg: a method book). Combining the guitar lesson plans and worksheets available on this site with the iPad is a great way to keep your lessons fresh and keep your students interested.

The guide will be updated over time when new suitable methods and apps are identified.

Access the guide here: TTL-04 Using an iPad as a teaching tool

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