Fretlight guitar

Using Fretlight Guitars in Lessons

We're constantly on the look out for gear to help guitar teachers give more effective lessons. Fretlight guitars have been around for a long time and present a unique way for a guitar teacher to teach certain topics in a lesson. If you haven't heard about them before, in a nutshell they're guitars with a custom fretboard that can light up scales, chords and even play back (visually) Guitar Pro TABs.

Fretlight guitar

Fretlight make a lot of claims on their website on how their guitars can help guitar teachers succeed, so we found and contacted over 40 guitar teachers who use Fretlight guitars in their lessons to get some unbiased feedback. In our guide TTL-06 you will find out:

  • What guitar teachers think of Fretlight guitars
  • Feedback on Fretlight's Certified Teacher Program
  • Best practices for Fretlight guitars in lessons
  • Fretlight's weaknesses to avoid in lessons

Like any technology, how you use it plays a massive part in it's usefulness as a teaching tool. Read through TTL-06 Fretlight Guitars to get the complete picture.