Why You Should Have A Website

Every guitar teacher needs to have their own website. In the past it used to be optional, but if you want to succeed now or in the future, it's necessary.

Here are a few reasons why you need to have your own website:

  • It's the only place online you have full control over
  • You're more likely to be found on search engines
  • You can use your website to sell other products or services (eg: books or online courses)
  • It's a great way to build a following (using an email list)

We've worked with a large number of guitar teachers and it's clear that the guitar teachers who have their own website and know how to use it properly achieve far greater results than the teachers without their own websites.

Check out the below video to find out how a website brings you new students.

How to Set Up A Website

There are two basic options you have to create your own website. The option you choose depends on your current understanding of websites and technology, your budget, and your goals. We've created a step-by-step guide for each option so once you decide which option is best for you we can help you set it up.

Option 1: Set it up yourself

With this option you purchase a website 'hosting' service. For a monthly fee you receive a hosting account as well as your own domain name such as stevesmithguitar.com.

Benefits with this option:

  • Highest level of flexibility - you can customize every aspect of your website
  • Have your own email accounts (eg: lessons@stevesmithguitar.com)
  • Low cost (eg: anywhere from $4 - 9 per month)
  • Have your own domain name (eg: stevesmithguitar.com - subject to availability)

Challenges with this option:

  • You have limited support with customizing your site
  • Higher learning curve compare to other option
  • Requires a basic understanding of websites
  • Your website starts from complete scratch - you have to create everything

Our recommendation: this option suits people who are comfortable with technology and want full control over their website. If you know how to upload a YouTube video or can operate Microsoft Excel, you should have enough technical understanding to succeed with this option. If you feel you might want to sell your own products or services online in the future, this option is highly recommended.

Step-by-step Instructions: create your own website right now and follow our step-by-step instructions here. By the end of the guide you will have your own website up and running.

Access the guide here


Option 2: Get a website through us

If you don't want to build and maintain a website on your own, we can help. Gold and Platinum Members can have a professionally build website created and managed as part of membership. We'll design a website that suits your goals as a guitar teacher and regularly work on it to give you the best advantage possible.

Benefits with this option:

  • Easiest to set up - we do all the hard work for you
  • Best practices and strategies - we know what works and will apply them to your site
  • Flexibility to suit your business - whether you want to sell online courses, other services or grow your business, we can make sure your website meets your needs

If you want the benefits of a professional website but don't want to do it on your own, consider signing up for Gold or Platinum Membership to get a website built just for you.