Latest lesson plans: Randy Rhoads and Paul Gilbert

We're building up our range of 'in the style of' guitar lesson plans and have two new plans on Randy Rhoads and Paul Gilbert. Even if your student hasn't hear either guitarist's music before it's worth checking out as they contain challenging licks incorporating multiple techniques. The Paul Gilbert licks will definitely challenge even the more advanced students.

PRO-07 Randy Rhoads

Teach your student how Randy changed the face of lead guitar playing. Teach your student how he used legato, tapping and phrasing in a few interesting licks. The lesson also has a quick look at his rhythm approach.

PRO-08 Paul Gilbert

This is a great lesson for intermediate to advanced students as Paul's playing is highly technical. Show your student different ways they can approach complicated licks and how to break them down in the learning process. The included Teacher's Guide will show you one possible way you could teach an entire lesson using this lesson plan.

More lesson plans on other guitarists coming in the next couple of days.

PRO-08 Paul Gilbert

About this lesson

This lesson introduces Paul Gilbert's style of lead playing to your student. The licks demonstrate Paul's use of alternate picking, legato, arpeggios and phrasing. This is a very advanced lesson so only give this to your student if you know they will be prepared for it. If the student enjoys this style of playing, you can give them one of Paul's songs to continue their development.

This lesson will teach your student:

  • How to use fast alternate picking during scale runs
  • Combine picking and legato for complicated patterns
  • Wide stretching, string skipping arpeggios

Combine this lesson with exercises to help the student develop the skills necessary to play the licks.

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