How to Teach Guitar Online

Useful Resources To Get Started Teaching Guitar Online

EXP-01 Skype Lessons

This guide gives you an overview of what it's like teaching online via Skype. It covers more details than the video and will give you an idea of technical requirements as well as best practices.

How to Teach Guitar Online via Skype FAQ

This FAQ gives you a quick and easy guide that covers all of the common questions we get asked about teaching online via Skype. If you have a question about teaching guitar online, this is a good starting point.

Recommended Equipment for Skype Lessons

Check out recommended equipment as well as advice on how to decide between internal and external webcams and microphones. It also talks about lighting and why it's so important to get it right.

BMG-01 Online Teaching Platforms

Skype is a popular option but if you're looking for a more feature packed platform, this guide will explain the differences between a few platforms. Before you sign up for a service or spend money, make sure you read this guide.

TTL-03 Using Video as a Teaching Tool

Video is an excellent medium and even if you don't teach online you can use video to enhance the quality of your inperson lessons. This guide gives you ideas on how you can make the most out of video as a teaching tool.

How to Create Great Quality Video

Proper lighting can mean the difference between looking like an amateur and looking professional. It's so important as it will impact the quality of your lessons. Find out best lighting practices as well as recommended equipment.

BMK-17 Using YouTube

If you want to promote your online lessons, YouTube is an excellent starting point. Potential students are already searching on YouTube for lessons so there's a lot of opportunity for guitar teachers to use YouTube to attract more students.


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