New Business Guides: Advertising and Online Courses

A common problem we see with a lot of guitar teachers is that they waste their money on ineffective advertising. The hard part with advertising your guitar lessons is that it can be difficult to work out if the money spent will be worthwhile or not. That's why we've created a guide that will help you identify which advertising options are best for you. You will be able to look at any advertising available and figure out if it's worthwhile.

The guide will use a few examples so you can see the process in action. If you're currently spending money on advertising or considering advertising your guitar teaching business, this guide will make sure you don't waste your money.

Access the guide here: BMK-01 Comparing Advertising Options


We've also created a guide to show you one potential way you can grow your guitar teaching business. Selling your own online courses has the potential to bring you significant income. You could create some courses as a way to supplement your income or if you work at it hard enough you could even earn all of your income with courses. The technology and software available now makes it easier than ever before to create your own online guitar courses.

The guide will give you a quick overview of what you would need to do to create your own course.

Access the guide here: EXP-03 Selling Online Guitar Courses

After you finish reading the guide you can always contact us for more support and we'll be happy to help out.