Guitar Lesson Plans

Printable Lesson Resources

In this section you can access and download professionally formatted lesson materials ready to print and give to your students. Each download includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to teach the lesson effectively. More lesson materials will continuously be added so you will never run out of new content to give to your students.

BEG - Introduction Lessons for Beginners

BEG-01 Parts of the guitar
BEG-03 Tuning the guitar
BEG-04 How to read Guitar TAB
BEG-05 How to read Standard Notation
BEG-06 1234 Finger Warm-Up

BAS - The Basics

BAS-01 Nursery Rhymes
BAS-02 Hammer-ons & Pull-offs
BAS-03 Slides
BAS-04 Nursery Rhymes using Hammer-ons, Pull-offs & Slides
BAS-05 Basic Open Chords
BAS-06 Introduction to Rhythm
BAS-07 Basic Strumming Patterns
BAS-08 Introduction to the Metronome
BAS-11 Christmas Songs

BBL - Beginner Book Style (Suitable for Children)

BBL-02 High E string
BBL-03 B string
BBL-04 G string
BBL-05 Songs on the first three strings
BBL-06 D string
BBL-07 Easy chords on four strings
BBL-08 A string
BBL-09 Low E string
BBL-10 Songs on all six strings
BBL-16 C Major Scale Time Test

KDS - Songs for Kids

KDS-01 Baa Baa Black Sheep
KDS-02 Eensy Weensy Spider
KDS-03 It's Raining, It's Pouring
KDS-04 If You're Happy And You Know It
KDS-05 Row, Row, Row Your Boat
KDS-06 Rock-a-bye Baby

TEC - Techniques

TEC-01 Palm muting
TEC-02 Bends
TEC-03 Vibrato
TEC-04 Fingerpicking
TEC-05 Natural Harmonics
TEC-06 Sweep Picking
TEC-07 Tapping
TEC-09 Picking Exercises 1
TEC-11 String Skipping
TEC-12 Whammy Bar

EXE - Exercises

Note: in addition to the below exercises, you can also access an additional range of Exercises that give you greater control over how you work on each skill with your student.

EXE-01 Chord Flipping
EXE-02 Finger Spider
EXE-03 Barre Chord Exercises
EXE-04 String Skipping Arpeggios
EXE-06 Two Note Legato Exercises
EXE-07 Three Note Legato Exercises
EXE-08 Four Note Legato Exercises
EXE-09 Three String Sweep Picking Exercises
EXE-13 Coordinating Both Hands
EXE-14 Legato Runs
EXE-15 Tapping Patterns
EXE-16 Rhythm Groupings

SCE - Scale Exercises

SCE-01 C Major Scale Exercises
SCE-02 G Major Scale Exercises
SCE-03 F Major Scale Exercises
SCE-04 D Major Scale Exercises
SCE-05 A Major Scale Exercises
SCE-06 E Major Scale Exercises

MTH - Music Theory

MTH-01 The Major Scale
MTH-05 Intervals
MTH-07 Major Scales and Key Signatures
MTH-08 Seventh Chords

INT - Intermediate Techniques & Concepts

INT-01 Introduction to the Pentatonic Scale
INT-02 Introduction to the Guitar Slide
INT-03 More Guitar Slide Improvisation
INT-05 Learning the Fretboard
INT-06 Finding new chords across the neck
INT-07 Improvising with the Memphis Scale
INT-09 Guide Tones
INT-10 Phrasing

IMP - Improvisation

IMP-01 Using Themes in Solos
IMP-02 Passing Tones
IMP-03 Polyrhythms

MAI - Guitar Maintenance

MAI-01 Changing Electric Guitar Strings
MAI-02 Changing Nylon String Acoustic Guitar Strings
MAI-03 Changing Steel String Acoustic Guitar Strings

PRA - Practice Sessions & Plans

PRA-01 Song Skillsheet
PRA-02 Practice Session Breakdown
PRA-03 Student Goals

PRA-04 Student Progress Tracker
PRA-05 Finger Exercise Progress Tracker

RES - Blank Sheet Music

RES-01 Blank Guitar TAB only
RES-02 Blank Staff only
RES-03 Blank Guitar TAB & Staff
RES-04 Blank Rhythm Paper
RES-05 Blank Chord Diagrams
RES-06 Blank 7 String Chord Diagrams
RES-07 Blank 7 String Guitar TAB
RES-08 Blank 7 String Guitar TAB & Staff
RES-09 Blank Fretboard Diagrams

BLU - Blues

BLU-02 Common Scales Used in Blues
BLU-03 12 Bar Blues Shuffle
BLU-04 Blues in Open G Tuning
BLU-05 12 Bar Blues Shuffle Variation

CEL - Celtic

CEL-01 Basic Celtic Solo Piece

COU - Country

COU-01 Basic Country Style Licks
COU-02 Chicken Pickin'

FLA - Flamenco/Spanish

FLA-03 Spanish Arpeggios

FNK - Funk

FNK-01 Funk Rhythm Skills
FNK-02 Funk Rhythm Riffs

JAZ - Jazz

JAZ-03 Walking Bass Lines

MET - Metal

MET-05 Metal Riff Exercises 1
MET-06 Metal Riff Exercises 2

REG - Reggae

REG-01 Reggae Style Chords

SCA - Scales and Modes

SCA-02 Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
SCA-03 Blues Scale
SCA-04 Ionian Mode
SCA-05 Dorian Mode
SCA-06 Phrygian Mode
SCA-07 Lydian Mode
SCA-08 Mixolydian Mode
SCA-09 Aeolian Mode
SCA-10 Locrian Mode
SCA-11 Modes Reference

CHD - Applying Chords

CHD-01 Triads, Sus & Add Chords
CHD-02 Seventh Chords
CHD-03 Ninth Chords
CHD-07 Moving Open Chord Shapes
CHD-08 Basic E String Barre Chords
CHD-09 Basic A String Barre Chords

TUN - Alternate Tunings

TUN-01 Standard Tuning
TUN-02 Drop-D Tuning
TUN-03 Eb Tuning
TUN-04 Open G Tuning
TUN-05 DADGAD Tuning

UKU - Ukulele

UKU-01 Ukulele Chords

PRO - In The Style Of ...

PRO-01 Stevie Ray Vaughan Rhythm
PRO-02 Stevie Ray Vaughan Lead
PRO-03 Eddie Van Halen
PRO-04 Eric Johnson
PRO-05 Joe Satriani
PRO-06 Dimebag Darrell
PRO-07 Randy Rhoads
PRO-08 Paul Gilbert
PRO-09 Keith Richards

EFX - Guitar Effects

EFX-01 Wah Pedal
EFX-02 Slapback Delay

New guitar lesson plans are constantly being created so check back regularly for updates.

Guitar lesson plans are a key component to giving an effective guitar lesson. However it's important to mix things up and use other resources to cover topics in different ways. Check out our range of Worksheets, Exercises and Creative Challenges for different ways to give effective lessons.