All the resources you need to teach guitar

The simple truth is that anybody can teach guitar. It doesn’t matter if you have been playing for a short time or have been playing for decades - you can become a successful guitar teacher. To teach guitar effectively you need to use the right resources and be able to explain the concepts and techniques properly. Our guides and teaching materials will help you teach effectively regardless of your current skills.

Not sure if you're ready to start teaching guitar? Have a read through this article to decide for yourself: How To Teach Guitar

Create your own teaching curriculum using custom guitar lesson plans

Our wide range of teaching materials will ensure you always have fresh content to give to your students. We're constantly updating our resources so you can rest easy knowing that five years later you will still have new materials. That beats writing all your materials on your own!

When teaching guitar you need to make sure you use high quality teaching materials. First impressions count and your students (whether you like it or not) will judge the quality of your teaching based on the materials you give them. Don't just give your students a generic guitar book from a shop - give them custom guitar lesson plans suited to their individual needs.

The picture below shows an example of one of our guitar lesson plans available. Using our teaching materials you can create a fully customized guitar curriculum that will work best for each student.

Professional Guitar Lesson Plans

To successful teach guitar you need to use high quality teaching materials like the one shown above.

Step-by-step business and teaching guides to help you teach effectively

Our detailed guides will help you with a wide range of tasks such as attracting new students, setting up your own website, how to teach children effectively, managing your timetable, tracking your income and plenty of other jobs. Check out our Tips for Teaching Guitar to see how you can use this site to develop as a guitar teacher.

Most guitar teachers start off not knowing what they're doing and using the trial-and-error approach to figure out how to teach properly. When you have access to our guides you don't have to worry about guessing what works and what doesn't. Our guides will set out clearly how to teach guitar effectively and you will get all the tips and tricks that would take years to figure out on your own.

Get a professional website to promote your lessons

Gold and Platinum Members can have a professional website built to help you grow your business. Whether you want to sell your own online courses, offer your students extra resources in a students-only area or just use it to reach more potential students, we can help.

Find out about the website we can build for you here.

Managed Facebook Advertising

For the serious guitar teachers or schools who want to accelerate the growth of your business, we can help. Platinum Members can tap into our expertise with Facebook Advertising and get us to run ongoing advertising campaigns for your business.

We'll make use of advanced Facebook targeting strategies to promote your business and build a strong social media presence.

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