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Resources and Lesson Materials

What resources would I have access to as a member?

There are four main categories of resources available to members. In addition to the resources available, we provide email support and advice. We've helped members promote their business, develop business plans, work out solutions for problems, deal with difficult students and more.

1) Lesson materials

Our printable lesson materials are designed to be printed off and used in lessons with students. You simply choose what topic you want to teach, print the lesson plan and give it to your student in the lesson. The guitar lesson plans also include a 'teachers guide' to give you advice on how to use the material in the lesson.
Worksheets are slightly different to guitar lesson plans. Worksheets are interactive in the sense that your student will need to fill in answers and solve problems. Worksheets are a great way to supplement your guitar lesson plans and test your student's understanding of the content. Most members give the worksheets to their students to complete at home.
Check out our wide range of Lesson Materials here.

2) Business Guides

Business guides are available on various topics to help you run your teaching business effectively. Many teachers neglect the business side of teaching so our guides will give you practical information you can use to increase your income and control your finances. In addition to the guides, you can email us and we'll give you advice and help you with any aspect of your business. To see the range of business guides we currently have available, see the Business Guides Section here.

3) Teaching Guides

Our teaching guides provide you with detailed information on how to become a better guitar teacher. The guides are useful not only for new teachers, but for experienced teachers to refine their knowledge and pick up new skills and tools. Check out our range of Teaching Guides here.

4) Training Courses

This is a new category of resources that members can enjoy. Our training courses provide members with detailed information on advanced teaching methods and strategies. If you do not have a formal qualification in teaching, these courses will provide you with the same information. Case studies and quizzes help members develop their understanding and apply the course content in real life.

How do these materials compare to book based materials?

Our Guitar Lesson Plans allow you to teach exactly the way you want to. They give you the flexibility to choose your own content and change direction at any time. A book on the other hand is restrictive in that all materials are already chosen whether they suit your student or not. If the book doesn't contain a certain topic, you have to find it elsewhere.

Many members have found that switching from book based teaching to lesson plan based teaching allowed them to have more control over lessons and keep the student focused (books distract students as they often want to see what's on the next page).

We often receive feedback from members on how glad they are that they can simply log on to the site, print off the lesson plans they need for the day and give the lesson not having to worry about preparing anything.

Can I see a lesson plan before signing up?

You can check out the lesson plan BEG-6 1234 Finger Warm Up to get an idea of the style of our guitar lesson plans. You can see how the lesson plans are formatted and read through the included 'Teacher's Guide'. The best way to get a feel for the materials available is to try us out. You can't really get an idea of what it's like to be a member until you actually try it. It's not the individual lesson plans that will be the most value to you, it's the fact that you can instantly access a wide range of materials, guides and courses.

What do I require to print the lesson plans properly?

The lesson plans are in PDF format so you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader (free software) to open them. The plans are designed for international standard A4 paper however Letter paper can still be used in the US. To print on Letter paper, ensure you select 'Fit' under 'Size options' when printing.

There isn't a lesson plan on a topic I'm looking for. When will one be available?

We're constantly working on growing our range of guitar lesson plans, worksheets, guides and courses. Although we may not have a certain resource available now, it's likely to already be in development. As a member you can always contact us and request specific topics. We can't guarantee that we'll create them straight away but we will definitely work on it and release it as soon as possible. We encourage members to give us feedback and to request resources as it helps us give you what you want.

Your own website (For Gold and Platinum Members)

Why should I set up a website?

More and more people are now looking on the Internet to find guitar teachers. If you don't have a website, a lot of students wont be able to find you. While traditional marketing methods were enough in the past (eg: newspaper ads and posters), have a website is essential to succeed today.

What's the benefits of having a website at Live and Teach Guitar?

Gold and Platinum Members can have a professionally designed website created and managed for them. There's no extra costs - it's all included in the one membership fee. We set the site up for you and provide you with support to make sure you get the most value out of it. We can help you promote your site and attract new students. As a member you will have access to top advice from guitar teachers who know the best strategies to attract new students.

Here are some things you can do with the website we can build for you:

  • Sell your own online courses to students around the world
  • Create a student's only area to give your students extra resources
  • Set up an online store to sell other products or services (physical or digital)

We set up a website that suits your needs and will make sure it grows along with your business.

Find out more about the website we can create for you here.

I already have a website, is Gold or Platinum Membership right for me?

Gold and Platinum membership is for teachers who want the benefits of having a professional website but don't want the work involved in creating and maintaining a website. If you already have a website and want to hand it over to somebody else to manage for you, Gold and Platinum Membership may still suit you.

We can work on your website and regularly improve it so you can get the most out of it. There are conditions on what type of website we can manage for you so please contact us before signing up if you want us to manage your site for you. Once we find out more about your site we can let you know whether it's suitable or not.

What if I want to create my own website and run it myself?

Silver Members can still access our wide range of tutorials, guides and comprehensive workshop on building and improving a website. We can even analyze your website and give you advice on how to improve it to attract more students.

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