Our guitar lesson plans focus on lengthy topics that could last one or more full lessons. While most of your time should be spent focusing on using those lesson plans, it's important to balance the big topics with technical exercises. These exercises focus on specific skills and goals. Unlike our Creative Challenges which encourage students to think about topics or techniques in creative ways, these exercises are very focused. Their aim is to help your student achieve a specific goal as soon as possible.

How to print these Exercises

Each Exercise is split into two separate pages. You will notice that the first page displays the challenge on the top half of the page while the second page displays it on the bottom half of the page. The intention is that you can fit two different creative challenges on a page to mix and match your own combination of challenges for your student.

As an example let's say you have found two suitable Exercises and want to give both to your student.

Here's the steps to print two different challenges on the same page:

1. Print of the first page of the first Exercise
2. Place the page back into your printer
3. Print the second page of the second Exercise

The end result (if you place the paper the right way into the printer during step 2) is you will have the two different Exercises on the same page as shown below:

Creative challenges

This design will save you paper and will take up less space in your student's book. You can mix and match different Exercises specific to each student's needs. In other words these Exercises give you greater control over what you teach in any lesson.

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