In this section you can access comprehensive business guides and advice you can use to improve your tuition service and make you more money. While you may already be a great teacher, it's important to make sure the business side of your tuition service is running effectively. These business guides will help you look at every aspect of your business and give you practical ways to make more money and have everything run smoother.

BPL - Setting up & Planning your Lesson Service

BPL-01 Planning your lesson service
BPL-02 Setting up your timetable
BPL-03 Properly managing your timetable
BPL-04 Creating a Business Plan
BPL-05 Choosing a Business Name
BPL-06 Group lessons
BPL-07 One-on-one lessons
BPL-08 Setting your rates 1: Comparing the competition
BPL-09 Setting your rates 2: Prepaid lessons & discounts
BPL-10 Setting your rates 3: Changing your rates
BPL-11 When to say no to a prospective student
BPL-12 Lesson Policies and Written Agreements

BMG - Managing Your Business

BMG-01 Online Tutoring Platforms
BMG-02 Using Evernote to stay organised
BMG-03 Manage Your Emails like a Pro

EXP - Expanding Your Business

EXP-00 Multiple Streams of Income
EXP-01 Teaching Guitar via Skype
EXP-02 Becoming a Full Time Guitar Teacher
EXP-03 Selling Online Guitar Courses
EXP-04 Building an Email List: Getting Started
EXP-05 Testing Business Ideas
EXP-06 Selling Affiliate Products
EXP-07 Creating Your Own Products
EXP-08 Selling an eBook
EXP-09 Starting a Podcast
EXP-10 Outsourcing
EXP-11 Creating Physical Products
EXP-12 Referral Programs
EXP-13 Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

BAC - Accounting 

BAC-02 Income Trackers
BAC-03 Expense Trackers

BWK - Workshops

BWK-01 Planning a Workshop
BWK-02 In-person Workshops

BWS - Setting up a Website

BWS-01 What a Website Can Do For You
BWS-02 SEO Basics for Guitar Teachers
BWS-03 Structuring Your Website
BWS-04 Website Landing Pages
BWS-05 Website Traffic
BWS-06 Website Usability Testing
BWS-07 Keyword Research
BWS-08 Local SEO Best Practices
BWS-09 Lead Magnets
BWS-10 Case Study: Matt Warnock
BWS-11 Case Study: Andertons Music

Do you have your own website? Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up your own site.

BMK - Marketing & Promotion

BMK-00 Lifetime Value of a Student
BMK-01 Comparing Advertising Options
BMK-02 The Sales Process
BMK-03 Proactive Marketing
BMK-04 Listing on Online Teaching Directories
BMK-05 Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies
BMK-06 Using Facebook
BMK-07 Facebook Marketing Strategies
BMK-08 Using Twitter to Find New Students
BMK-09 Price Anchoring
BMK-10 Guest Blog Posting
BMK-11 Marketing to People Buying Guitars as Gifts
BMK-12 Guitar Lesson Flyers
BMK-13 Guitar Lesson Tear Off Flyers
BMK-14 Using Facebook Ads: Setting Up A Campaign
BMK-15 Using Facebook Ads: Keeping Track of a Campaign
BMK-16 Facebook Lead Ads
BMK-17 Using YouTube
BMK-18 Taking Advantage of Trends
BMK-19 Niche Targeting
BMK-20 Facebook Groups
BMK-21 Writing Effective Advertisements
BMK-22 How to Sell like Apple
BMK-23 Scarcity Marketing
BMK-24 Targeting Life Events
BMK-25 Mere Exposure Effect

BSR - Student Retention

BSR-01 Building a Community
BSR-02 Compelling Reasons to Stay
BSR-03 Forums

BQA - Conversation Templates

BQA-01 FAQ from prospective students
BQA-02 Students who don’t pay
BQA-03 Students Cancelling Lessons
BQA-04 Handling No-Shows
BQA-05 Questions on Qualifications and Experience
BQA-07 Negotiating Lesson Rates
BQA-08 Calling Past Students

BPS - Potential Student Scenarios

BPS-01 Buying Gift Vouchers

BTD - What To Do When...

BTD-01 Your Timetable Fills Up Completely
BTD-02 You Can't Find Any New Students
BTD-03 Scams Targeting Guitar Teachers
BTD-04 Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

Create A Business Plan

You can create your own business plan using a simple tool. A copy of your business plan will be sent to your email address and you will be able to log in and update your plan at any time. Create your own business plan here.

More business guides are constantly being added here. Be sure to check out the Q&A section if there is a topic not yet covered.