BQA-01 FAQ From Prospective Students

How to answer the most common questions from prospective students

When a prospective student first contacts you about guitar lessons, they will most likely have a few questions. How you handle these questions can be the difference between gaining a valuable student and losing one to a competitor. Some people take your answers very seriously, so if they don’t hear what they want to hear, they will have no hesitation in moving on to the next tutor. This guide will give you examples of the most common questions asked by students, and sample answers you can use to achieve the best results. Of course, you can answer the questions in any way you prefer, but these examples are still here to help you out.

Some of these questions are easy and some are tough to answer. Reading this guide is the best way to prepare for these tough questions. The last thing you want to do is come across as unprofessional because a question stumped you.

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