Anybody can teach guitar. But to be a great teacher you need tools and resources to help your students learn in the most effective way possible. These teaching guides will give you practical tools you can use to give better lessons and develop as a guitar teacher. Even if you already teach guitar or have been teaching for years, you may learn new methods and techniques to help you teach more effectively.

TES - Teaching Essentials

TES-01 Student File
TES-02 Weekly Timetable

TBE - Teaching Best Practices

TBE-01 Topics To Avoid In Early Lessons
TBE-02 Eliminating Points of Failure
TBE-03 Teaching Songs
TBE-04 Teaching Scales
TBE-05 Practice Habits
TBE-06 Finding a Better Way

TGP - Group Lessons

TGP-01 Setting Up Group Lessons
TGP-02 Keys to Group Success
TGP-03 Managing Progress

TLP - Learning Pathways

TLP-01 Children
TLP-02 Topic Stacking
TLP-03 Solving Problems

TTQ - Teaching Techniques

TTQ-01 Mnemonic Devices
TTQ-02 Repetition
TTQ-03 Don't Break The Chain Method
TTQ-04 Keeping Children Interested During Lessons
TTQ-05 Questioning Techniques
TTQ-06 Student Retention Strategies
TTQ-07 Using Quizzes

TPD - Pedagogy

TPD-01 Learning Myths
TPD-02 Make Haste Slowly

TPS - Psychology

TPS-01 Understanding Needs
TPS-02 Body Language
TPS-03 Structuring Your Lessons
TPS-04 Teaching Introverts
TPS-05 Understanding Motivation
TPS-06 Understanding Habits

TPR - Student Profiles

TPR-00 How to use the Student Profiles
TPR-01 Children < 8
TPR-02 Children 8-12
TPR-03 Teenagers

TBP - Fixing Student Behaviour Problems

TBP-01 Students Not Practicing
TBP-02 Students Rushing Ahead on Materials
TBP-03 Students With Low Motivation

TTL - Tools To Help You

TTL-01 Learning From Your Mistakes
TTL-02 Software to help your lessons
TTL-03 Video as a Teaching Tool
TTL-04 Using an iPad as a Teaching Tool
TTL-06 Fretlight Guitars
TTL-07 Looper Pedals
TTL-08 Hook Theory
TTL-09 Finding New Songs