TBE-01 Topics to avoid in early lessons

About this guide

This guide will share best practices from experienced teachers on what topics you should avoid in early guitar lessons. The first few lessons you give a new student will determine whether the student stays with you or not. Teaching certain topics will increase the chances that the student stays with you. There are some topics that if taught in these first few lessons will decrease the chance that the student will stay with you. Having a firm understanding of these topics and why they might put students off future lessons is key to growing your student base. This guide will help you retain more students and improve the quality of your first few lessons with new students.

Not all students are equal

It's important to keep in mind that every student will react differently to any given topic. While some topics will turn some students off, they may actually encourage other students. Keep this in mind when reading through the topics below as there will be times when it's perfectly fine to cover the topic in the first lesson. The whole point is that these topics decrease the likeliness that a student will stay with you. Think of the topics as 'high risk' topics that could potentially turn students away.

Remember that everything doesn't need to be covered straight away and in the first few lessons you're actually better off to cover less topics and go into more detail on the topics you do cover. You can always cover these topics at a later date.

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