In addition to our business and teaching guides, some topics are easier to think about and understand when heard in audio. Each podcast episode focuses on one topic relevant to guitar teachers and provides you with useful information you can take action on.

The podcast focuses on two major themes: business and teaching. Its important you develop your understanding and skills in both areas to become a successful guitar teacher.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: How to Approach Marketing Your Guitar Teaching Business

This episode provides you with a solid foundation with marketing expectations. You will learn common problems other guitar teachers experience and how to avoid them. The purpose of this episode is to give you the right mindset when thinking about and planning your marketing strategy.

Episode 2: Building Trust and Credibility As A Guitar Teacher

This episode will explain how trust and credibility will influence a prospective student's decision to get lessons from you or not. You will learn how easy it is to get credibility wrong and learn exactly what to do to build it up. This is something that applies to everybody regardless of how much experience or formal qualifications you have.

Episode 3: Career Options for Guitar Teachers

This episode provides you with a range of different career paths you can take as a guitar teacher. This is something not many teachers consider seriously when starting and can make a big difference to you over the long term. Find out whether you're on the right track or whether a different path would suit you better.

Episode 4: Social Media for Guitar Teachers

This episode explains how social media can be used to build your reputation as a guitar teacher and attract new students. There is a lot of misunderstanding on how to use social media effectively and this episode will help you avoid common problems and start with the right expectations.

Episode 5: Website Basics for Guitar Teachers

Your website is your most valuable asset online. Not only does it bring you new students (when set up properly), but it provides potential students with their first impression of you. It's so important to get your website right and unfortunately it's too easy to get it wrong. Find out how to get the most out of your website

Episode 6: Sales Skills for Guitar Teachers

You actually use sales skills more than anything else as a guitar teacher. It's your sales skills that will determine whether a potential student chooses you or not. So find out how you can start developing your sales skills in this episode.

Episode 7: Overview of Group Guitar Lessons

Group guitar lessons offer unique benefits to teachers not available with one-on-one lessons. At the same time there are extra challenges when teaching multiple students that you need to be aware of. This episode gives you an overview of whether group lessons are right for you and how to approach group lessons in the right way.

Episode 8: Tricks to Encourage Your Students to Practice

Students not practicing can be extremely frustrating. Even if you explain to your students why practicing is important, it doesn't guarantee that they will actually practice. This episode will give you a few tricks you can use to get your students to practice. When your normal methods and strategies don't work - give these tricks a go.

Episode 9: 7 Essential iPad Apps for Guitar Teachers

The iPad (or any other tablet) can be an incredibly useful teaching tool and can make a big difference to the quality of your lessons. In this episode you will find out how to use seven different apps in your lessons and how these apps can make your job easier and more effective.

Episode 10: SEO Basics for Guitar Teachers

SEO basically relates to how easily a search engine can understand your website. This episode explains the basics of SEO and gives you a few quick wins you can implement straight away on your website. A few simple changes can lead to a big difference in your results over the long run.

Episode 11: Using Facebook to Promote Your Guitar Lessons

There have been a number of changes over at Facebook recently (late 2013, early 2014) that have made it really hard for guitar teachers to promote their lessons. This episode explains what those changes are and how to deal with them. Find out how to use Facebook to reach potential students and build up your local reputation.

Episode 12: Fresh Ideas for Your Guitar Lessons

Regardless of your teaching experience, it's always a good idea to seek out new ideas and ways to give your lessons. The ideas in this episode will help you explain topics in different ways. Your students will benefit from these ideas and you might enjoy the change they bring to your usual methods.

Episode 13: Creative Challenges for Your Students

While exercises and drills are important to help your students develop skills, they're not the most effective methods available. In this episode you will find out how 'Creative Challenges' can help your students develop faster and gain a deeper understanding of a given topic. Creative Challenges are hard to create, but definitely worth the effort.

Episode 14: Getting Started with Workshops

Workshops have unique benefits not available when teachinge one-on-one or small groups. This episode will explain those benefits and give you enough information to decide whether you want to start giving your own workshops or not. By the end of the episode you will have enough information to get started with your first workshop.

Episode 15: Creating Your Own Content (eg: eBooks, courses, videos)

If you have an idea for an eBook, course, video or product, this episode is for you. There's plenty of information available on the technical aspects of creating products (eg: see the EXP series), but very little information on creating the best content possible for your product. Find out how to make your product stand out.

Episode 16: 5 Business Principles to Apply To Your Guitar Teaching Business

Find out what Aaron learned while studying business and marketing at University and what lessons you can apply to your own teaching business. The principles probably aren't what you would expect to hear.

Episode 17: Worthwhile Goals to Aim For

While 'attract new students' is the most common goal guitar teachers have, there are other ways you can improve your teaching business. Find out what other goals are worth looking into.

Episode 18: How Tests and Experiments Can Help You Succeed

Should you offer a free first lesson for students? Will adding a photo of yourself to your website attract more students? Is your lesson rate too high or too low? Find out how to answer any questions like these and gather useful information to help you succeed with your guitar teaching business.

Episode 19: Guitar Teacher Horror Stories: Franchises

While it's important to learn from best practices and success stories, you should also learn from other teacher's mistakes and misfortunes. In this episode you will hear a story of a guitar teacher who found out the hard way why franchises aren't as worthwhile as they can appear.

Episode 20: Guitar Teacher Horror Stories: Webinars

Find out why a guitar teacher wasted $600 and four months of time and effort with webinars. Even if you have no interested in running your own webinar, there's valuable lessons to learn from this horror story.

Episode 21: Productivity Tips for Guitar Teachers

Improving your productivity skills will help you get more done as well as avoid wasting time on tasks you don't enjoy. Find out a powerful way to improve your productivity as well as a well known productivity 'tip' that is actually a myth.

Episode 22: Selling Your Own Courses - Udemy vs Self Hosting

Selling your own online course is now easier, cheaper and more popular than ever before. Students want online courses and they're great opportunities for guitar teachers. Find out how to get started and what options you have available.