In addition to the Lesson Materials Section which provides you with everything you need in your lessons, you have full access to guides and advice to help you develop as a teacher and develop your business.

Business Guides & Advice

The guides and advice in this section will help you get the most out of your tuition service. Here's some of the things the guides can help you achieve:

  • Plan your lesson service and set up your timetable to fit your lifestyle
  • Use comprehensive marketing strategies to help attract more students
  • Adjust your rates and pricing strategies to maximize your income
  • Set up a website to attract students 24/7

Teaching Guides & Advice

The guides and advice in this section will help you become an expert teacher. Applying the advice in these guides will take years off your development as a teacher. Here's some of the things the guides will help you achieve:

  • Use teaching methods and tools such as mnemonic devices to help your students learn faster
  • Avoid common issues you may come across in certain types of students
  • Use software and tools to increase the value of your lessons from your student's point of view

Training Courses

The training courses are designed to give you more in depth understanding on a topic. Learn proven teaching methods and strategies as well as how to effectively apply them. Case studies and quizzes are given to strengthen your understanding of the topics. If you do not have a formal teaching qualification, these courses will provide you with the methods you'll need to become a great teacher. Here's some of the things the training courses will help you achieve:

  • Learn proven teaching methods to be more effective in your lessons
  • Study effective questioning techniques to get the most out of every lesson
  • Read through detailed case studies to see how the best teachers achieve their results
  • Take years off your development as a teacher by bypassing all the hard work

Book Summaries

There are a lot of business, teaching and psychology books out there that contain valuable lessons and wisdom relevant for your guitar teaching business. The problem with a lot of these books is that they take short and actionable lessons and spread them out over 300+ pages. These book summaries will give you the key lessons and ideas from some fantastic books as well as explain how they apply to your guitar teaching business.

These book summaries are a quick and easy way to make some big improvements to how you think about teaching or business.


While our training courses cover topics in great detail, some topics require a lot more depth and involvement. Our online workshops give you an opportunity to learn best practices and apply them with active support from us. Here's some of the things the workshops will help you achieve:

  • Turn your website into a student referral machine
  • Understand funnel management, lead generation and coversion
  • Analyze your website and apply best SEO practices

Marketing Reports

Want to find out how well your website is performing or how well you show up in search engines? Our Marketing Reports analyze your website or search engine rankings and condense it down into a simple report you can use to make improvements. Here's some of the things the Marketing Reports will help you achieve:

  • Rank higher in the search engines
  • Attract more students as a result
  • Fix problems with your website
  • Improve engagement in your social media places


Our guides, courses and workshops all focus on 'how' to achieve certain things. This podcast focuses more on 'why' you should do certain things. Each podcast is short and to the point. Unlike other podcasts there are no 'sponsored messages' or five minutes plus of intro music and announcers. If you have a spare 10 minutes, this podcast is a great way to think about your guitar teaching business.. Here's some of the things the Podcast will help you achieve:

  • Improve your mindset when it comes to teaching, marketing or business
  • Avoid mistakes so many guitar teachers make every day
  • Understand how to use social media properly
  • Avoid scams and traps targeting guitar teachers