There are a great number of amazing books out there that can help transform your guitar teaching business in and outside of your lessons.

Business books can help you grow your business, raise your income or solve problems you're having. Books explaining teaching methods, psychology and education can help you improve your teaching skills, deal with student problems and give your students better lessons.

The problem with most books (especially business books) is that they often drag out what could have been explained in one chapter to 300+ pages of filler. You can get a lot of the value out of a typical business book from a one-page summary.

In this section you can read through summaries and key lessons learned from a great range of fantastic books. Instead of investing hours into reading through filler, you can take the key lessons and start applying them straight away to your business.

Each summary will explain the main principles and lessons from the book, then explain how those lessons could apply to you as a guitar teacher.

Note: this is a new section of the website so check back regularly for updates. If you would like a summary written on a specific book, please suggest it here.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Make it Stick Book Summary
Mindset by Carol Dweck
Influence by Robert Cialdini