These worksheets will help your student practice the theory behind certain topics. Teaching guitar using worksheets is a great way to test your student's understanding and provide encouragement and feedback on areas to work on. Worksheets are different to the guitar lesson plans above as they are focused on a specific topic and don't include explanations. Use the guitar lesson plans above as your main lesson materials then use the worksheets to reinforce the topic. Using both lesson materials together is a great way to teach guitar.


KID - Kids Worksheets

KID-01 Kids Practice Chart 1

WCH - Chords

WCH-01 Major and Minor Triads
WCH-02 Seventh Chords
WCH-03 Finding Chords Across the Neck

WNR - Note Recognition

WNR-01 Random Notes C Major Scale
WNR-02 Learning Sharps
WNR-03 Learning Flats
WNR-04 Learning Sharps and Flats
WNR-05 Learning Notes in Drop D

WMO - Mode Theory

WMO-01 Chords in Ionian Mode
WMO-02 Chords in Dorian Mode
WMO-03 Chords in Phrygian Mode
WMO-04 Chords in Lydian Mode
WMO-05 Chords in Mixolydian Mode
WMO-06 Chords in Aeolian Mode


New worksheets will be gradually added to this section over time. If you would like a worksheet on a specific topic, suggest one here.