WMO-01 Chords in Ionian Mode

About this worksheet

This worksheet will help your student understand Ionian mode and how to figure out how to harmonize it. The exercises are simple and with a bit of understanding of the theory behind the mode. By the end your student will be able to figure out the correct diatonic triad as well as seventh chord based on any degree of Ionian. Eg: The diatonic triad built on the third degree of C Ionian is E minor and uses the notes E, G & B.

Your student may have trouble at first but once they understand the theory they will be able to easily complete the exercises. It's recommended you give the resource SCA-04 to the student first before this worksheet. As Ionian uses the same notes as the Major scale, this worksheet is extremely valuable as it will help the student learn to harmonize the Major scale.

This worksheet will help your student:

  • Understand Ionian mode
  • Learn to figure out diatonic triads and seventh chords
  • Gain confidence in applying the Ionian mode

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