Live and Teach Guitar Members have access to four main types of printable lesson materials. Each type of teaching resource achieves a different purpose. As a guitar teacher we recommend using a mix of all four types of resources.

Guitar Lesson Materials

Guitar Lesson Plans

These resources are useful to cover in-depth topics. A single lesson plan could take 30-60 minutes to fully explain and can last multiple lessons. Guitar lesson plans are useful when introducing new techniques, explaining music theory, teaching new concepts, covering different music styles, etc.

We recommend spending around 60% of your lesson time using Guitar Lesson Plans.



Worksheets allow your student to work on a specific topic outside of lessons. These worksheets will also give you insight into whether your student understands a topic or not. Use these worksheets as a way to test your students and to develop their understanding of a topic. Worksheets work best when you give them to the student to complete outside of lessons in the same way that school students complete homework outside of school.

We recommend spending less than 10% of your lesson time using Worksheets.



These resources are designed to focus on specific techniques or goals. Unlike a lesson plan which covers a topic in depth, Exercises focus on small specific sub-topics or skills. If for example your student is having trouble controlling bends or needs practice with scales or chords, these exercises are the best way to work on those areas.

We recommend spending around 15% of your lesson time using Exercises.


Creative Challenges

Giving your students exercises or drills to work on any topic isn't enough to develop their understanding. Our 'Creative Challenges' are designed to force your student to think creatively and look at a topic in a new way. You will get to see whether your student truly understands a topic or not depending on how hard the student struggles to come up with an answer to the challenges.

Creative Challenges can have a dramatic impact on your student's development and it's something you definitely won't find in any guitar method book. It's hard work to come up with appropriate Creative Challenges so these printable challenges will save you time and effort.

We recommend spending around 15% of your lesson time using Creative Challenges.