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Gold Membership
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any minimum commitments to membership?

There are no minimum commitments for members. Members can join and leave at any time. If you feel that Live and Teach Guitar isn't for you, you can cancel your membership without any penalty. You can always come back later on if you change your mind again. Keep in mind that membership is prepaid monthly so you are free to leave at any time without extra charges (but no refund on the current month).

Will Live and Teach Guitar have access to my banking details?

No. Membership payments are run through PayPal so we never see any of your banking details. This has been done to give you the best protection possible. Another reason why we have set up membership using PayPal is that it gives you control over your payment method.

What methods of payment are possible?

As payments are processed using PayPal you have flexibility with payment methods. You can have the payment come straight from your chosen bank account, debit card, credit card or PayPal balance. There are no fees for any form of payment you choose. You can always change payment methods in the future (eg: want to change from bank account to credit card).

What's the difference between Silver and Gold Membership?

For most guitar teachers, Silver Membership will cover everything you need.

Gold Membership is for teachers who want to get a website built for their teaching business. If you don't already have your own website to promote your teaching business, find out here whether Gold Membership is right for you.

Have another question?

See our main FAQ page here and feel free to contact us here with your questions or feedback.