Gold Membership is for guitar teachers who want us to work with them on building and maintaining a website.

Gold Membership isn't for everybody, so if you feel this is right for you or you're not quite sure, fill out the below application form and we'll discuss this option with you.

If you're not ready to fill out the application form but have some questions, contact us here.

Website Request
Getting a domain name that suits your business now and in the future is important so have a think about this question and let us know if you're unsure what you want to do
We'll work with you to pick the best one if you haven't already chosen one. A business name is suitable for studios with multiple teachers. With sole teachers using your own name is usually more effective.
For example would you prefer 'John Smith Guitar Lessons' or 'Sunnyville Guitar Lessons'?
This helps us plan for SEO strategies. Please include your location even if you only plan on teaching online
If you only teach guitar, please mention whether you teach electric, acoustic or both
Let us know any thoughts you have