KID-01 Kids Practice Chart 1

About this resource

Motivating young children to practice regularly can be a difficult task. Unless the right incentives are given, you may find some children don't practice at all between lessons. This practice chart will help you keep track of how your student practices as well as providing them incentives to practice every day.

The inbuilt incentives in this chart work by setting a hurdle the student must pass before they receive a reward. In this case the hurdle is that they must practice every day for seven days. At the end of the seven days provided they have practiced every day, they can color in a drawing on the chart. This is the incentive. The student is rewarded for their consistent practice with a coloring in drawing.

A new drawing is provided in the following weeks for five weeks to set the habit of regular practice. This incentive has been tested and works extremely well for young children. During each lesson you can provide positive feedback to encourage the student to continue practicing every day. You can also comment on their coloring in skills which reinforces the reward for next week.

For this incentive to work properly, you must tell the student's parents that they should keep track and make sure the student doesn't cheat by marking off days when they haven't practiced. After five weeks of consistent practice it will become a habit and you won't have to focus on it so much. The student will be used to practicing every day and you can use different incentives such as games or songs the student likes.

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