WCH-03 Finding Chords Across the Neck

About this worksheet

This worksheet links up to the guitar lesson plan INT-06. It will give your student practice in finding new chord positions across the neck. It's a basic resource you can print again and again whenever you want your student to learn a different chord. You simply pick a chord and fill out the chord diagram then the student will need to write down new positions for the chord on the fretboard diagram as well as write out the new positions in Guitar TAB. This is an excellent way for your student to really understand the layout of the fretboard and after the student uses this worksheet a few times they will start to find the positions faster and easier.

This worksheet will help your student:

  • Understand the fretboard and quickly find correct notes
  • Create new chord positions all over the fretboard
  • Practice writing out Guitar TAB as well as on a fretboard diagram
  • Understand the theory behind the chords

This worksheet is most effective when you give it to your student right after walking through the INT-06 guitar lesson plan.

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