TTQ-06 Student Retention Strategies

About this guide

Your existing students are far more valuable to you than any new students. Businesses know that holding on to an existing customer is far easier than trying to find a new customer and as a guitar teacher you should think the same way. This guide will explain how to apply some effective student retention strategies so you can keep your students longer. By successfully applying these strategies you can spend less time worrying about finding new students.

The guitar teachers who understand and apply these strategies have a far greater chance of filling up their timetable and keeping it that way. Student retention is more important than promoting yourself to new students so read through these strategies and apply them straight away.

Why Student Retention Matters

It probably already seems obvious that student retention is important, but it only becomes clear how important it is when you consider something known as 'lifetime value'. In the guide BMK-00 Lifetime Value of a Student you can work out the lifetime value of a student and see exactly how much of an impact retention has on your income.

Out of all the ways you can raise your income as a guitar teacher, increasing student retention is the most powerful. If you can keep your students for longer, you'll significantly strengthen your financial position and won't need to stress as much about finding new students.

Keeping an existing student is far more valuable to you than trying to find new students. With this in mind, let's look at how to keep your students for longer.

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