TBE-06 Finding A Better Way

About this guide

If you're looking for a way to become a better teacher, it's important to look critically at ourselves and how we teach. Being critical of ourselves helps us uncover any weak areas or better alternatives. A good way to do this is to look for areas where you're currently complacent.

Complacency is a hidden issue most guitar teachers experience without realizing it. As you build up your experience as a guitar teacher, you also build up a set of explanations, routines and teaching techniques that you can do automatically without any effort. This is a good thing because it allows you to give good quality lessons. You know what has worked well in the past and can repeat a lot of those things in your current lessons.

But experience also has a downside. The more experienced you are as a guitar teacher right now, the more you're at risk of complacency. Complacency is hard to deal with because most people will immediately deny they're complacent. It's a hidden thing that people don't want to believe is affecting them.

In this guide we'll look at why you're probably complacent in some areas of your teaching, how it affects your students and what to do to overcome it. This guide will show you how to find better ways of teaching that you never would have considered before.

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