TPS-06 Understanding Habits

About this guide

Your student's progress ultimately depends on their practice habits. No matter how effective you are in lessons, if a student doesn't practice outside of lessons, their progress will be limited. Improving your students' practice habits will make your job significantly easier as a teacher.

In this guide you will learn how habits are formed and how to change them. Knowing the science behind habits makes it significantly easier to set good habits in your students and change bad habits. You will learn why it's so hard to remove bad habits, why you shouldn't try to and what to do instead.

Understanding how habits work will help you:

  • Improve your student's practice
  • Stop your student from coming up with excuses
  • Stop your student from self-doubting
  • Improve your student's attendance rates
  • Speed up your student's development
  • Fix bad habits

After reading this guide, check out TPS-05 to read about motivation as habits and motivation are closely linked together.

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