TPD-01 Myths About Learning

About this guide

Your effectiveness as a guitar teacher depends on your knowledge of guitar as well as your ability to use effective teaching methods. To be able to use teaching methods effectively, having a good understanding of learning in general will help out. This guide will explain several learning myths that can cause problems with your effectiveness as a teacher.

Many of these myths are mistakenly believed by a large majority of people so it's likely that you believe some of them right now. These myths can throw your teaching off course and can impact the quality of your lessons. Read through each myth to make sure you can avoid the problems associated with the misunderstandings they bring.

Why Myths Are So Common

Our current understanding of how we learn is shaped by centuries of experience. Unfortunately, most of this experience is based around misconceptions on how our brains actually work. As more and more researchers study how we actually learn, it has become clear that a lot of what we thought we knew about learning was wrong. It can take a long time for results from studies to reach the mainstream so a lot of what we hear about learning is either outdated or not based on actual studies. As you will see in the below myths, learning isn't as straight forward as we believed in the past.

The reason myths are so common is that a lot of them make perfect sense. It's only when we learn more about brain science or from studies that we discover that they're incorrect. So if you see a myth below that you thought was accurate, it's only because other people passed on incorrect information.

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