BWS-06 Website Usability Testing

About this guide

One of the most important aspects of your website is how easy it is for a visitor to navigate and find relevant information. This is called usability. A website with good usability will end up with better results as visitors find it easier to navigate the site. A website with poor usability will frustrate visitors and they will leave.

As a guitar teacher this means it's important your website uses good usability principles. This guide will explain how you can use usability testing to find problems with your site for you to fix. Finding all the problems with your website isn't possible on your own - especially if you built the site. That's why usability testing is crucial.

What is Usability Testing

The main purpose of usability testing is to find problems with your website. It is a test to see how people actually use your website. Most of the times how people actually use your site is very different to how you think people use your site. A usability test will show you exactly what people think of your site and whether they can navigate it properly.

The actual test is quite simple, you will observe somebody navigate your website and you will take notes on what links they click, what text they read and their general thoughts. The basic idea is to gain insight to how somebody might view your website on their own.

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