TPD-02 Make Haste Slowly

About this guide

This guide will discuss an important principle teachers and students should understand. If you can apply the ideas and philosophy behind this principle in your lessons, not only will your students become better guitarists, but your job as a guitar teacher will become easier.

The principle you learn in this guide can help with situations such as:

  • When a student always wants to look at what's next
  • When a student feels like they have hit a plateau
  • When it looks like a student has talent and effortlessly progresses
  • When a student feels like they haven't progressed

All of the above are problems all relating to the same issue. This guide will explain what that issue is and how to deal with it.

The goal of this guide is to give you an important principle that can improve the quality of your lessons. By the end of this guide you will have a clearer understanding of how to structure your lessons and how to control the rate a student progresses.

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