TTQ-05 Questioning Techniques

About this guide

Questioning is one of the most important aspects of teaching and takes up a large portion of your time as a teacher. While you may feel you already understand your student's needs well with your questioning, it's worth spending the time to learn effective questioning techniques. A lot of research has been completed to properly understand what questioning techniques work. This guide will explain the most useful and effective questioning techniques you can use as a guitar teacher.

If you want to improve the quality of your teaching, it is imperative that you fully understand and use these questioning techniques. Each type of question is explained and given in examples. Tips and best practices are provided so you can start using the techniques straight away.

Why the questions you ask matter

As a teacher it's your job to make sure you provide the student with the best quality tuition possible. Asking the right type of questions will help you become a more effective teacher. Studies have shown that teachers that use effective questioning techniques were able to provide better quality instruction compared to teachers not using effective questioning. In a nutshell - questioning has a big impact on your effectiveness as a teacher.

You can use questions for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • To increase interest and motivation
  • To review previous lesson topics
  • To assess achievement of goals
  • To encourage student insights
  • To actively involve the student
  • To allow the student to think critically

Questions also allow you to focus your student's attention and move their train of thought in the right path. Using the wrong type of questions can discourage the student and hinder their progress. As you can see, it's important to use the right questions effectively.

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