TTQ-03 Don't Break The Chain Method

About this guide

If your student has incosistent practice habits or struggles to stay motivated to regularly practice, the "Don't Break the Chain Method" may help. This method is an extremely simple way for you as a guitar teacher to keep track of your student's practice habits as well as help reinforce regular practice.

The more you understand habits...

It's important you understand how habits form and why they can fail. If you don't have this solid understanding, it makes your job harder when it comes to helping your students develop solid practice habits. Using trial and error to get students to practice isn't a good approach. In the guide TPS-06 you can learn how habits are formed, how the habit loop works and how to work on bad habits.

Before you try to use the "Don't Break the Chain Method", make sure you build a solid understanding of habits by reading through that guide.

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