BQA-02 Students Who Don't Pay On Time

It’s worth mentioning straight away that almost 100% of your students will pay up-front and on time every time. However, it is possible that eventually you will get a student who seems to always ‘forget’ to bring their money and promises to pay next time. This guide has been compiled to protect you, on the rare occasion that you get one of these students. This guide will provide you with multiple actions you can take to get your student to start paying promptly in every lesson.

What to expect

When you offer lessons to a new student, there is the slim possibility that they are the type of person who has trouble paying on time. The following points are signs to look out for, to help you identify these ‘non-paying’ students:

  • Student seems to always ‘forget’ to bring their money to the lesson
  • They ask during the lesson if they can pay double next week
  • They give you excuses- blaming either the bank or their work for not paying them on time
  • If they have a direct transfer to your bank account, you notice that the payments have stopped coming in
  • They offer to pay by cheque

Most of the time people are honest, and you will occasionally have a student who forgets to bring their money. That’s okay. But if you start to notice a pattern in the student’s behavior, it’s time to take control of the situation or you could end up not getting paid at all.

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