BMK-04 Listing on Online Teacher Directories

Using Online Teacher Directories to your advantage

This guide will cover everything related to online teacher directories. It will explain what they are, how to use them and why it's important for your success. This guide will also give you examples on how to set up the ideal teacher profile to attract the most students from your area. When used in the right way online teacher directories are an excellent source of new students and can bring you students for years and years. If you haven't already set up profiles on a few directories then read through this guide or you'll be missing out!

What are online teacher directories?

Online teacher directories are basically databases filled with teacher profiles for students to look through. If a student living in California, USA, wants to find a tutor, all they have to do is search for something like “guitar tutors in California” in Google and one of the results will most likely be a teacher directory. When they click on the link and are taken to the directory, they will be able to find tutors close to their area and read each tutor’s profile. The student can compare tutors, and contact any tutors they like the sound of by email or phone. If one tutor isn’t available, all they need to do is continue through the list until they find a tutor that can help them out.

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