BWS-01 What a Website Can Do For You

In this guide we will look at why you should have your own website to attract new students. If you want to be a successful guitar teacher today it's critical that you have a strong online presence with your own website. We will compare different ways students find guitar teachers and different ways teachers advertise.

Reach more potential students

There is one simple reason for starting a website to promote your lessons– you can reach more potential students. More and more people now use the Internet to find products and services, where they once would have used traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages. Most people looking for guitar tutors will use Google (or another search engine) as their first tool, before even considering looking at local business directories. When those potential students make that first search in Google, there will be one of two possible results:

Your website will show up in the results and the student will click your link, or,
Your competitor’s website will show up in the results and the student will click their link

While other online resources such as tutor directories may show your listing, it is more likely that a tutor’s website will be the first to rank in your area. If a potential student searches for “guitar tutors in [hometown]” and you don’t show up in the results, you may as well not exist. As time passes, a higher proportion of students are using the Internet to find tutors. Many tutors estimate over 80% of new student enquiries come from their own websites. That’s a significant proportion and can mean the difference between filling up your timetable and struggling to get a couple of students.

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