BMK-05 Word of mouth marketing

About this guide

Word of mouth marketing can be the most powerful marketing strategy if used the right way. In this guide we will look at various ways you can promote your tuition business through word of mouth without spending a cent. You can get started with one strategy and over time try new strategies to find which work best for you and bring you the most new students.

About word of mouth marketing

Every time somebody talks about you and your guitar tuition, that’s word of mouth in action. If for example one of your students mentions to somebody else that you teach guitar and you’re good at it, the other person is going to keep that in mind if they or somebody else wants to learn guitar. The key point is that you still need to be a very good teacher. Otherwise instead of your student telling others how good you are, they will tell everybody why they shouldn’t go with you.

So before we look at any marketing strategy, you must realize that you still need to be very good at what you do or none of the strategies will achieve good results. By following the Teaching Guides and using the Lesson Materials effectively, you can avoid being labeled as a bad tutor.

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