BPL-04 Business Plans for Guitar Teachers

About this guide

Creating a business plan can help clarify what you need to do to succeed as a guitar teacher. Studies have found time and time again that businesses that use a business plan become more successful than businesses that don't. While that doesn't mean you can't succeed without one, a well thought out business plan can definitely help.

In this guide you will put together your own useful business plan to help you either start teaching guitar or to grow your teaching business. By the end of the guide you will have a strong understanding on exactly what you need to do to succeed. Instead of taking a trial and error approach you will have a logical process to follow. We've helped many guitar teachers get started and grow their teaching business so you will be able to apply the most useful strategies and have a business plan that works.

What Makes A Good Business Plan

The number one point to remember with business plans is that they're only useful if you actually use them. You can have the best business plan in the world but if it never comes out of your bottom drawer then it's useless. The purpose of this guide is to give you a business plan that you will actually use and find helpful.

There's a lot of misconceptions on what should be included in a business plan. Here you will learn what you should and shouldn't focus on.

Here's what DOESN'T make a good business plan:

  • Fancy headings and layouts
  • 100+ pages
  • Long and wordy 'mission statements'
  • Cliche phrases like 'innovation', 'synergy', 'push the envelope'
  • Overly technical language, business jargon or acronyms
  • Pointless information to make it sound impressive

The above points are very common in a lot of business plans from small and big businesses. Using fancy sounding words and over the top mission statements don't do anything to help a business succeed. The reason these points are so common is because business owners and managers mistakenly feel that a business plan must sound bold and impressive. The truth is that a 100+ page business plan filled with long mission statements and cliche phrases won't be used at all.

Now let's look at what actually makes a good business plan that can help you grow your guitar teaching business.

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