BWS-02 SEO Basics for Guitar Teachers

About this guide

Recent studies have found that up to 97% of people use the Internet to search for local services and products. As a guitar teacher this means that unless you're easy to find online, you're going to miss out on future students.

This guide will provide you with an effective strategy you can use to improve your online presence and make it easier for students to find you. The guide will introduce you to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can use it in your role as a guitar teacher. The guide has been written in plain English so even if you don't have a technical background you will learn exactly what SEO is and how you can use it to attract more guitar students.

The guitar teachers who read through and implement the ideas in this guide will have a clear advantage over their competitors. Understanding SEO and how to use it will ensure you remain competitive into the future.

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What is SEO

Before we explain why SEO is so important and how you can use it to your advantage, let's have a look at what SEO is.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Generally speaking this is the process of structuring your website pages so they rank well for search terms you want to target. A website that uses good SEO principles will rank very well in search engines which means more people will see the link and visit the site.

Whenever you search for something in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, the results are displayed starting with the most relevant website. When we talk about ranking we're talking about how far down the list your website displays for a search term. A higher ranking will mean your site will attract more visitors which could lead to more students.

SEO aims to improve ranking by making sure the content on your webpages match what people are looking for. For example if you want to target beginner students in your local area, setting up a page specifically talking about how you help beginner students in your local area will improve your ranking in search engines.

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