EXP-08 Selling an eBook

About this guide

If you're looking at an easy way to start generating an additional stream of income, an eBook is a good first option. They're incredibly simple to create and start selling online. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to create an eBook and start selling it online. You will see how to pick a good topic for the book, what software and tools to use to create the actual eBook and how to sell it online. We recommend you read EXP-07 Creating Your Own Products first to get an idea on whether an eBook is the right format for your skills.

eBooks vs Physical Books

An eBook is an digital copy of a book that can be read on computers, tablets, phones or e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle. Compared to creating a physical book, there is essentially no upfront cost at all to create an eBook. A physical book on the other hand requires a large investment as you usually need to bulk order a large number of books from a manufacturer. Choosing to create an eBook is very straight forward, requires no investment (apart from time) and you can realistically sell it around the world very quickly.

In the future you can always look at turning your eBook into a physical book so starting with an eBook makes sense.

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