BMK-23 Scarcity Marketing

About this guide

If your main method of promoting your guitar lessons is posters, flyers and business cards, this guide is for you. While those marketing methods do have their place, you have a lot more options available. A lot of research has gone into marketing for services over the decades and we as guitar teachers can learn a lot from how other industries promote their products and services.

This guide will explain what scarcity marketing is, why it's so effective and how you can use it to convince potential students to take action and sign up for lessons. By the end of this guide you will have a strong understanding of how to apply this strategy and also incorporate it into your existing marketing methods.

What is Scarcity Marketing

Have you ever looked at booking a hotel online and saw a message saying "only 3 rooms left!"? Have you ever looked at an online store and it said "24 people have purchased this item in the last 24 hours"? If not, you will start noticing it now.

Let's look at a few examples across different industries before we look at how they use scarcity:

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