BMK-18 Taking Advantage of Trends

About this guide

The demand for guitar teachers is constantly changing which means that to remain successful you need to be able to change when needed to stay relevant. The rise of online lessons, courses and countless YouTube videos means that the demand for in-person guitar teachers is lower than it used to be. Instead of seeing this as a bad thing, this guide will help you learn to adapt. By the end of this guide you will be able to identify changes in long term trends and know how to take advantage of the changes.

A guitar teacher who adapts to the changing demands of students will stay successful while a guitar teacher who sticks to 'the way he has always done things' will eventually become obsolete. This guide will make sure you stay relevant.

Fads, Trends and Paradigm Shifts

At this point it's important we explain what a few key terms mean. There is a lot of confusion over what a trend is so before we look into any examples let's look at three different terms:

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