BWK-02 In-Person Workshops

About this guide

Workshops are an excellent way to earn great income, reach more students and build your reputation as a guitar teacher. You may even find that you prefer workshops over private one-on-one lessons. This guide will explain how to organize and run an in-person workshop. Before reading this guide you should read BWK-01 as it contains detailed information on planning workshops in general. This guide won't explain the planning process and instead will focus on running the workshop and applying best practices.

Length and Topic

In BWK-01 you would have chosen a suitable topic for the workshop. The topic you choose will help you decide on how long the workshop will run for. For example if you're covering a very specific topic such as a specific guitar technique, you may be able to cover it all within an hour. On the other hand if you choose a more open ended topic such as improvising, you could realistically spent all day covering it. The length of your workshop will depend on your topic and your knowledge of the topic.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with different length workshops:

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