BWK-01 Planning a Workshop

About this guide

Running your own workshop is a great way to teach guitar to a larger audience and build your reputation. You can earn more in one workshop than an entire week of individual lessons so it's worth considering. While the benefits to running a workshop are significant, there are challenges involved in setting up and running a workshop. This guide will explain how to plan your first workshop, avoid problems and use your first workshop to succeed with future workshops.

Choosing a Topic

If you're considering running your own workshop, your first job is to decide what the workshop will cover. A workshop should revolve around a certain topic or theme. Your workshop will be far more effective if you stick to one main topic rather than try to cover too much. When your students leave the workshop, they should feel confident in the topic and be able to apply the information straight away. The more specific and narrow the topic is, the easier it will be for your students to walk away with this confidence. When you try to cover too many unrelated topics, students become overwhelmed or confused.

Here are some examples of specific topics suitable for workshops:

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