BPL-05 Choosing a Business Name

About this guide

If you're just getting started as a guitar teacher, you may have considered choosing a name for your guitar teaching business. This guide will help you choose a suitable business name and more importantly - help you understand what makes a good business name. Choosing a good business name depends on a few things and is an important decision. By the time you finish reading this guide you will know what type of business name to choose.

The Biggest Mistake With Business Names

When people decide to teach guitar and start thinking of business names, they often feel that they need to have a creative name such as 'Light Speed Guitar Academy' or 'Fretboard Wizardry Inc.'. There are a few problems with names like these but the main problem is related to how easy people can find the business. If somebody searches online for 'guitar teachers in [my town]', it's very unlikely that the search engines will know what type of business 'Fretboard Wizardry' is and whether it should show up in the results. Read through BWS-02 SEO Basics for Guitar Teachers to gain an understanding on the details behind this.

You don't need to have a super creative business name. What you do need is something relevant based on your purpose as explained next.

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