BMK-13 Guitar Lesson Tear Off Flyer

About this resource

This style of flyers are effective as the tear off sections provide a reminder for people to actually do something about getting guitar lessons. If you have a local community board or other suitable places to put up this flyer you can use it as a way to check how many people have seen it judging by the number of strips taken. The basic idea behind this design is that the large image of the guitar will stand out from all the other flyers that simply use text. So people with an interest in guitar will see the large image and be more likely to read the rest of the text.

This template provides a very simple flyer and works best when you customize it based on the service you offer. Don't simply insert your name and number, modify it to make it your own. If you have a logo, insert it to improve your credibility. Any text you insert should be kept as simple as possible as people won't want to stand there reading. Provide the absolute basics on what you offer or simply provide details to go to your website or call you for more information.

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